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Ship of Harkinian

October 21, 2022

Check it out on Github!

Ship of Harkinian is the codename for a PC Port of the Nintendo 64 Classic, Ocarina of Time. It's run by a team of 25+ developers all collaborating on new features, bugfixes, and enhancements to the authentic experience. The main code for the game is the C code from the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team's decompilation of the original game, with various edits and C++ enhancements to make it run well on the PC. It also spawned a separate project that is being split off from the main project called "LibUltraShip", a library to make development of future ports of other decompiled N64 games easier. For more details check out the website.

My contributions include, but are not limited to, various bugfixes all over the project, some new under the hood features intended to make various aspects of the game engine more flexible for a modding engine down the road, and several new features for the built-in randomizer feature. I have collaborated remotely with various other team members to make these features a reality, via Github (Code reviews and pull requests) and Discord (Text and Voice Chat). I started contributing code to the project in May of 2022 and became an official member of the development team around July 2022.