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February 16, 2022

Check it out on Github!

Leopod is a podcast subscription organizer and player written from the ground up for Elementary OS, though it should be usable on any Linux Desktop thanks to Flatpak. Currently you can add feeds and it will check for updates while the app is open, and you can download and play episodes. It will also remember the last played position of an episode you didn't finish. The current version is 1.0.1 and a 1.1 version with some smoother UI interactions and the ability to speed up playback is on the way.

Leopod's episode list view for the Linux Unplugged podcast

Eventually, I want the app to be able to sync with GPodder, export and import opml files, and do more automatic library management tasks (automatically deleting played podcast episodes, refreshing feeds and downloading episodes while the app is closed).

This app is a demonstration of my ability to quickly adapt to new technologies. This was my first app written in Vala, my first time using the meson and ninja build tools, and my first time packaging an app with Flatpak. It is also my first Desktop app ever (everything else I've worked on has been web apps). These are all new technologies for me, and I was able to put them all together to develop, build, and publish a working application. You can check it out on the Elementary AppCenter, or at the AppCenter website.