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Hackernews Clone

February 10, 2021

Check it out on Github!

This is a small educational project I wrote up to teach myself GraphQL and how to implement a GraphQL API in Go. It's nothing too fancy, but it might be useful to someone learning GraphQL themselves.

For the backend, it utilizes the graph-gophers packages for parsing the schema, mapping incoming requests to the correct resolvers, and handling subscriptions. It has a working setup for Websocket Subscriptions, Pagination, etc. Feel free to look it over, take what I wrote with a grain of salt, but you may learn something new!

For the frontend, it utilizes the Vue version of the Apollo library. I followed a tutorial that may or may not be slightly out of date, so some review and revision may be in order. Keep that in mind if you choose to use it as an educational resource.

Feedback is appreciated if you come across these and find any glaring issues, or ways to improve them as educational resources. Feel free to leave an issue on whichever repo the code changes would go in.